Monthly Wrap - March

March saw us venturing to Hamilton Island, I spoke in public for the first time as a mum and lifestyle blogger, the Sunshine Coast ignited as a premier shopping destination, some giveaways and so much more…

Five sleeping hacks I have learned lately

Ensuring the quality of your zzzzz’s is the simplest and easiest way to improve your health and wellbeing. Sleep is when our body is at work healing, repairing and detoxifying and this process thrives in a supportive and toxin free environment.

It all started when my husband and I stayed at a suave hotel in Brisbane and I fell in love with the bed we were sleeping on.  It was from this moment when….

What's in my suitcase?

Our family is off for a short, and much needed, holiday to our favourite place in the world Hamilton Island this weekend.  I can’t wait to get back out to see the Great Barrier Reef and go snorkelling with the family. So what’s in my suitcase for this trip? In this post I share my favourite products to stay healthy and feel great while on holidays with all my travelling essentials!

February Wrap - The last of summer 2019

February has been such a busy month. From our wedding anniversary to crossfit comps, styling courses, wardrobe clear outs and sharing some of my natural beauty faves!

You may have seen that I have been doing a major clear out of my wardrobe and house. I stumbled across Josephine Eve Stylist who has this fabulous e-book on ‘How to declutter your wardrobe’ which you can find here.  I have literally stripped back my wardrobe to its bare bones, and have made over $1000 on ebay selling old clothes that do not serve me anymore. This also included sending five full bin bags to charity. This kind of clarity in my wardrobe feels amazing!

Eat clean, look good and feel great with Odyssey Lean

Healthy, nutritious, preservative free and convenient ready-to-eat meals have always been hard to come by until now. Odyssey Lean is Australia’s latest wellness-based, ready-to-eat delivery service. The service delivers 100% natural, gluten-free dietician-approved, meals that taste great, straight to your doorstep... and it's the real deal baby.

Summer Holiday 18/19 Wrap

This year, I am making the commitment to do a monthly recap of all the things I have been posting about on my Instagram page and stories because as you may have noticed, I like to get around. Most importantly, I think it will be a great way to showcase the lovely holiday destination in which I live, the Sunshine Coast. People from all over the world come here to visit and it's right in our backyard so it would be rude to not share what this amazing destination has to offer.

PREPare your little one for their first school year!

It’s halfway through January already and I need to pinch myself that we are in the ‘back to school’ mode already!  The school years are the busiest times for most families with the constant flow of washing and ironing school uniforms, school lunches, homework, extra curricular activities during the week and on weekends, sport, you name it, it doesn’t stop throughout the year!  Are you prepared for the year ahead but most importantly, are your kids?

Workouts to try with a friend featuring Aura Eve Booty Bands

After all the years I have spent training weights at a gym I always wondered why my glutes and hamstrings would never come to the party and always be the weakest part of my body. This was frustrating because at times this would stop me from progressing on some of those heavier lifts particularly in squats and deadlifts! When I started to do pilates I soon learned that to exercise our glutes we must activate them, and we can do this through simple and targeted exercises for this area!

Hotel Review: The W Brisbane

Last weekend I had the pleasure of staying at the NEW and fabulous W Hotel in Brisbane.   If I could describe this hotel to you in one word, it would be ‘Bris-VEGAS!’ quite literally.  The W Hotel is a playground that is ready to captivate your inner maximalist whilst delivering everything you need for the good time.  Families and pooches welcome!

Ten inspiring ways to welcome the new year!

It’s the end of another year and often a time of celebration and reflection as we close the year out. What lessons did this year teach you, both good and bad? Like every morning that you wake up, the new year is your clean slate and a time to refresh and set your intentions.  What are you planning to focus on in the new year? Here are ten inspiring ways to welcome the new year on New Years Day!

Heirloom and keepsake jewellery for the Modern Woman

Impermerance is a real thing. The idea that all is temporary and the only constant is change, our life experiences are nothing but memories and moments in life that will pass and will end.  From our first love, to getting married, becoming a family, birthing our children and watching them grow up, we feel a sense of nostalgia in these transient moments as we yearn to hold them close to our hearts forever.  But how do we do this?

Empowering birth | From hospital to home birth - My birth story - Part 2 - Hypnobirthing Basics

Hypnobirth gives women the tools she needs to be able to birth naturally, peacefully and calmly using hypnotherapy which is planting positive suggestions into the sub conscious mind. Neuroscience explains the Law of Psycho Physical Response which suggests - what is determined in the mind is experienced in the body. I know the idea of a calm and peaceful birth sounds crazy right? But it is possible and I have experienced this firsthand.

To the woman who…

To the woman who was late for her meeting with the boss this morning, for the reason of, 'don't even get me started'.  To the woman who got a serious open wound on her foot from trotting on that tiny and sharp piece of lego that Johnny left on the floor in his playroom mess.

What is Holistic Wellness? Five minutes with Yvette Latham from Energy Fit and Wellbeing

Meet Yvette. From being crowned in national body building competitions, and now running her own holistic wellness empire, Yvette’s journey has been a character building one. She talks about her ‘Ying and Yang’ approach to business and life, one that I believe all modern women need a little more of in their life, so I asked Yvette to share her thoughts on mental health, self-care and and her holistic approach to wellness.

Why you need to book a girls weekend away!

When was the last time you honoured time for yourself and had a girls weekend away?  I’m not talking about one of those big weekend ordeals that you try to organise with a large group of friends, where it takes months to pick a date due to conflicting schedules, and no one can ever agree on an accommodation location because one friend likes Gucci and the other friend is into backpacking hotels.    I’m talking about embracing a ‘YOLO’ kind of attitude and escaping with a compulsory 'no fuss - just book it and do it' mentality with just ONE or TWO of your nearest and dearest.