What is Holistic Wellness? Five minutes with Yvette Latham from Energy Fit and Wellbeing

What is Holistic Wellness? Five minutes with Yvette Latham from Energy Fit and Wellbeing

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Yvette a couple of months ago. When I met her I noticed myself being drawn to her grounding energy and presence and I found myself wanting more of it! From being crowned in national body building competitions, and now running her own holistic wellness empire, Yvette’s journey has been a character building one. She talks about her ‘Ying and Yang’ approach to business and life, one that I believe all modern women need a little more of in their life, so I asked Yvette to share her thoughts on mental health, self-care and and her holistic approach to wellness.

Tell me about yourself.  What do you do?  What has been your journey and how did you get to where you are today? 

I’m a business woman, a wife and mum to four fur babies.  I own Energy - Fit & Wellbeing in Mooloolaba on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  My journey with my life and business has had many ups and downs but it has been interesting and worth all the lessons.  I’m originally from Brisbane and moved up to the Sunshine Coast after months of dating my current husband.  In the beginning, I helped my husband with his business until I found my feet and worked out what I wanted to do with myself. In this time, I was training and competing as a bikini body building athlete and I achieved the following:

1st Place in Australian Amateur Olympia 2016 

2 x 1st Place in IFBB Nationals 2016

3rd Place in IFBB QLD 2015

2nd place in INBA QLD fitness division 2014 

Top 10 in ANB QLD fitness division 2014

From my experiences in participating in body building competitions, I learned a lot about health and wellbeing. Specifically, we are what we eat, drink and do. I found the biggest holes in my life at the time were in my mental health, self-care and wellbeing and I needed to devote more love to this.  I learned that people use the gym as a mean’s to try and fix how they feel with their body but this can only really start within ourselves.

If you don’t like yourself, or the the person/personality you are, then you need to change your habits and try things that make your body, mind and soul happy and excited.  Through my own journey as a dedicated athlete who didn’t have much time for anything else, I discovered that I wanted to help people find their balance, happiness and excitement again through their body, mind and soul, and this is how Energy - Fit and Wellbeing was born.

What does Holistic Wellness mean to you? 

Since becoming a full time athlete and business woman, Holistic Wellness means a lot to. I believe in natural methods of self care through the the body, mind and soul. By becoming more in-tune and more in balance with yourself, you can live a happy and fulfilling life with yourself and your loved ones.  This is where I believe in the ‘Yin and the Yang’ philosophy, an approach that I use with my business and life. Yang is the energy that drives us and the Yin energy is what slows us down. I have learned that we must master the balance this for optimal wellness.

You can’t always be living in a high pace and non-stop world or always doing activities where it’s always pushing and taking your energy (the yang). You then become very depleted and can’t be your full and amazing self, who can bring your best versions of yourself into the world.  Therefore you need to fill yourself with the things that you LOVE and and remove the things that you don’t like and that take away your energy. Simply put, this means you need to give back more to yourself so that you can fill up your soul, heart and energy.

For the people who know me well, they would hear me saying ‘it’s so important for you to fill up your cup first so you can give back to the people that you love in your life, and the work you’re doing.’ This needs to be done on a regular basis. The same is in reverse. You can’t always be in the ‘yin’ energy and have no drive to do things in life. You need to balance this energy in business and in life.

Tell me about your business, Energy Fit and Wellbeing.  What services do you provide?

So, my business Energy - Fit & Wellbeing is a Wellness Hub which is driven by my Yin & Yang approach to life and is the central focus in everything we do, from the classes to the services we deliver, we aim to bring balance into the body, mind and soul of our clients.

We offer group training classes from HIIT, Boxing, Booty Blast (Booty shaping and toning), Aerial classes (Different style classes from Dance, Yoga and Pilates), Yoga (Yin style & Yang style), Meditation, Barre, Pilates Mat.  We also have a mix of both adult and kids classes, because family is important to us and we also offer massage and healing treatments to help bring in more balance, calm and time out for yourself.

Most excitingly, we offer a range of events, workshops and programs each month to help with self care rituals for the Body, Mind & Soul.  From Juicing Cleanse programs, Full Moon Release Rituals to Mini Nurturing Events, we offer a unique range of events that feed the juices of your soul.

What does your personal exercise routine look like? 

I always tune in to how my body feels but on most weeks my routine looks like this:

Monday - early morning gym/ weight session, or evening kickboxing.

Tuesday - early morning gym/ weight session or walk. 

Wednesday - early morning walk or evening aerial yoga.

Thursday - early PT session with a friend and husband.

Friday - little sleep in and morning walk or mat pilates.

Saturday - Whatever exercise I feel.

Sunday - Rest and enjoy time to not do much or things I enjoy like the water. Beach or going out on the boat. 

What's just one thing we could do today, to have more health, wellness and abundance in our life?

The one thing I tell everyone, is that there isn’t any right or wrong training, exercise or health routine.  You just have to listen to your inter self, body and mind. Work out what routine works for you so you enjoy it and stick to it.  Just remember that your routine may change and you might not enjoy the type of exercise that you use to like or love.  That is totally fine. You just need to have variety to keep it interesting and fun to bring back to your body, mind and soul. 


So what are your thoughts? I think we could all do with a bit more BALANCE in our YIN and YANG. Like with everything in life, we are always learning, growing and evolving. Some days we will nail it, some days we might need to tweak a few things to stay on track but it’s all part of this beautiful journey called life.

I want to personally thank Yvette for taking the time to share her words with us today. You can find reach her on the the links below.

Energy Fit and Wellbeing




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Until next time beauties….

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