To the woman who…

To the woman who…

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To the woman who was late for her meeting with the boss this morning, for the reason of, 'don't even get me started'. 

To the woman who got a serious open wound on her foot from trotting on that tiny and sharp piece of lego that Johnny left on the floor in his playroom mess.

To the woman who is mother, secretary, teacher, chef, cleaner, nurse and life coach to her entire family successfully micromanaging everyone's life while also her own.

To the woman who still managed to nail her outfit even though she was rocking a t-shirt full of baby spew.

To the woman who works three jobs just to make ends meet but also works on her side hustle because she knows she wants to make a difference in the world by doing something she is truly passionate about.

To the woman who manages to study or works those late nights while raising and managing her young family.

To the woman who is her own boss, captain and queen running her own business empire and ruling her own army for success.

To the woman who has not slept in, one, two, three, (oh heck who even knows, there are too many to count) nights because hey, let's face it, once you have kids you don't sleep.

To the woman at the supermarket who's two year old refuses to get up off the floor while kicking and screaming because she just walked past the lolly aisle and told him 'no'. 

To the woman who ferries her three school aged children from one extra curricular activity to the next, on what feels like everyday and every weekend because they are all into sports.

To the woman who feels like she is falling apart at the seams but still manages to crack a smile and put on a brave face.

To the woman who faces those kind of health challenges beyond her control, that push her past her physical limits each day but she still manages to show up each and every day. 

To the woman who stayed up last night until 10pm because she wanted to wait until the kids had gone to bed to finish off the housework, wash the dishes and fold the laundry.

To the woman who locked herself in the bathroom just to get five minutes of alone time away from those little snotty fingers. 

To the woman scrolling through her phone while her kids play in the playground because that's the only five seconds she will ever get to herself. 

To the woman who barely has a social life because life is just too busy these days, mum life, work life, what life?

To the woman who gives away her energy, that she never had to begin with, because the hustle of modern life has robbed so much of her time. 

To the woman who despite the odds and her failures, gets up, dusts herself off and keeps on going because that's the kind of women she is.

To the woman desperately seeking solitude, silence and stillness in this busy modern world. 

To you, the modern woman who is so open and rejoicing about real life - its successes, excesses and its failures. You juggle 25 balls like eggs every single day. You are multifaceted, and sometimes you fail, but you also win 20 more times than you lose. Every Single Day.  As a modern woman, it's almost like we seek validation from all the busy-ness!  Are you feeling me?  When was the last moment you stopped, took some time out for you or did something that you enjoy?

I remember writing my goals for 2018 at the end of last year.  I was aiming for double or nothing in business, and in my personal life.  The year started off on a high, and I was on a rocket ship  to another universe.  Then something happened, out of nowhere, like a tonne of bricks in my face.   I was so focused on doing better than the year before that I somehow managed to exchange my health and my sanity for success and money.  I was so focused on the future... studying, doing, being, and creating, to become a better mother, a better businesswoman, a better wife and a better friend, that I did not focus on the present and pay attention to the warning signs that I was about to crumble into a mess.   The stress I was experiencing manifested into chronic anxiety which affected my business, my finances, my mental health, my social life and most significantly it affected my family because I was not showing up as the best version of myself.  It got to a point there where I didn't want to even leave the house and I lost interest and motivation in all the things I used to love doing.  I slowly began to pull away from friends and family because I was ashamed and embarrassed about how I was feeling, because I felt guilty for not coping with the demands of modern life and to selfishly admit that it had broken me.   I certainly did not feel like a MAXIMALIST at many points throughout this year.   

 Reflecting over this period it was almost like I forgot about one of the most important relationships that I could ever have, and that was a deep connection and relationship with my own self.  I pushed her too hard, yelling at her and screaming at her to keep up the pace, placing the same expectations of modern busy life on her, like they were put on me to push me to my limits while forgetting that all she ever wanted was a little love and nurturing.  With this sense of awareness I found a way to cope by being PRESENT and I began to see and take pleasure in all those little life moments that I had not noticed before, the touch, the smells, the tastes, and the sounds. 

 My coping mechanism started off as something as simple as an aromatic candle that I would put on when I got home.  It was something about the smell that would change the entire vibe of any moment, turning my house into the comforting hands I longed to return to each day.  This is when I discovered Circa Home Fragrances and have been in love with them ever since.  The fragrances are a perfect and gentle mix, and not too overpowering, but create that indulgent sensory experience that remind me to slow down, take a breath and appreciate that very given moment, so I can soldier on with the rest of modern life. 

So as we approach the year that was, and approach the Christmas period we must remember to slow down and breathe.  There is so much truth in saying that the most important relationship you have is with yourself!  We have spent the year racing around but now is the time to reconnect and recharge as we reflect on the year that was, as good or bad as it may have been.  Not only is it a time for moments with friends and family, but most importantly, it's a time to honour the relationship you have with YOU and YOURSELF.  

In a world that demands so much of what we give, we need a way to cope and somehow ensure we keep our superpowers intact.  There is something about the smell of a fragrance that can make us slip away into a moment of transformative bliss, replacing the comfort of your best friend, that glass of wine at the end of your busy day, a heavenly fragrance, or that brief period of heavenly silence you received when you left the kids to go alone to the bathroom.  

Although we know the hustle and bustle of life will not be going away any time soon, we can rejoice and be grateful for all the moments that have made up our year, the good moments and the bad moments, because we have found a way to cope, to find comfort and support thanks to Circa Home Christmas Fragrances -  the perfect gift to give yourself this Christmas.  The range includes candles and luxurious hand washes and lotions in fusions of aromatic bliss of cinnamon sticks, pear, blood orange, raspberry and rhubarb to take you away from reality for a moment or two. 

 So this Christmas, instead of being headless turkeys, let's all be graceful swans and enjoy a perfectly, imperfect Christmas.  You are special and deserve time out looking after you so blow the lid off Christmas this year by indulging in a guilt free, coping mechanism with a Circa Home Christmas Fragrance, or share it with those who have contributed to your lunacy along the way.  Give the Gift of Circa Home. 

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