What is a Maximalist?

What is a Maximalist?

Bold. Colourful. Outrageous. Eclectic.

Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism. You maximise what you love, all for maximum enjoyment, maximum purpose and maximum achievement. Maximalism does not put any limits on the imagination and turns the limited into the unlimited making the possibilities endless!

In this post I will shed some light on 'what the fudge?' a maximalist actually is! To understand maximalism, let's first look at minimalism.   

Minimalism seems to be a real fad at the moment in lifestyle, fashion and interiors. This movement is all about freedom and is a school of thought that 'less is more'. At its core, minimalism focuses on removing the clutter and distractions of life to focus on the things that are most important and valued. Therefore by ridding of life’s excesses and focusing on what’s really important, the minimalist will find a life of happiness and fulfilment by living with ‘intention’ and having a clear understanding of what they value most, ensuring they have more space and time in their life.   

Now as much as this is a lovely (and simplistic) concept it never has resonated with me personally! Why? Well... I am the total opposite of this! I love, adore and value too many things to narrow them down to just a few and pretty much everything inspires me and brings me joy! To me, the heart of maximalism is to simply want MORE out of this beautiful journey called life!

So when did I started calling myself a maximalist? Apart from the fact that I thought it was a cool sounding blog title, I guess it all happened when I started my own family. I used to have so much free time to indulge in before my children, a husband and having a business to look after. Now days the minutes in my day are limited, so this really forces me to focus on the things that are important while choosing the path towards my goals which is the quickest and most effective!.  There is no time for fluffing around or procrastinating, I just have to jump right in and do it. 

Now don’t get me wrong, what I am talking about is really just a label for a view or perspective on life! I have many, many friends who call themselves ‘minimalists’ but what I have found is that we share similar values that are just being viewed through a different kind of lens.

My view is that all modern women are SUPER WOMEN and we are all maximalists, trying to create the best versions of ourselves in a sea of expectations and demands that the world has put on us. We are the stay-at-home mums, the step mums, the working mums, the studying and career women. We are the multitaskers, the doers and the dreamers, hustling every single day to making a living, working, cooking, cleaning, looking after our children, giving so much of ourselves to those people and things we care and love so much, all while attempting to keep ourselves  in great shape physically, mentally and spiritually (as best we can anyway!). And I am not going to lie, being a modern woman and a maximalist can be fooking exhausting and demanding. Yes, you could call our problems 'first world problems' which they are, but what we face daily in our lives is all relative to our own part of the world, our families, and ourselves and it is important to honour this, no matter what we are going through because this impacts how we will shine and make an impact on this world. 

I will be the first to admit that I have my good days and my bad days and some just majorly f*cked days where I may swear a lot (I do anyway) and might just want to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. And that's okay because life  ain't always unicorns and rainbows (well it never is), things will not always be perfect (not that they even need to be), and we all make mistakes. I am still learning so much about myself as person, a daughter, a mother, a partner and a wife.  But being a maximalist means I have a great sense of awareness. I take my experiences, the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly and say thank you and be grateful for the lessons and opportunities these experiences provide me for self-awareness and growth. The point I am trying to make is that a maximalist is a person who has turned all their life's lemons into a thriving million dollar lemonade business!

12 signs that you might be a Maximalist:

1. You believe you can have it all! For example, you don’t have to sacrifice your career, your creativity, your passions, and your thirst for life when you become a mum, why can’t you have it all? Well, yes you can!

2. You believe more is definitely more. With so much love and inspiration in this world you want to absorb as much of this as possible.

3. You are fluid and ever changing, inspired by everything and anything, the people you meet, the stories you read and the places you visit.

4. The glass ain’t half empty, it’s always half full! It doesn’t really matter what situation it is, but you tend to focus on the brighter side.

5. You always try and do your best. Not in a competitive way, you just use it as a tool for motivation. 

6. It's easier for you to relax by doing things, not by doing nothing.

7. You are a social butterfly and love attending all sorts of social events, you love to chat and meet new people!

8. Your wardrobe and house interiors are bold, colourful and eclectic. Only black and white? …No thanks!

9. You are a deep thinker, love to study and have a thirst for knowledge and need to know more!

10. You are open, transparent and honest because there is no time to beat around the bush.

11. You thrive on being busy! It motivates you, gives your energy and makes you feel alive!  Sometimes you do so many things your friends and family can sometimes get exhausted just by standing next to you.

12. You rarely ever fit into a box, a little quirky, and sometimes (okay... always) a little crazy and 'out there!' 

So if you think you may be a maximalist too, then I strongly encourage you to join me and shout if from the roof tops! Maybe you are only relate on some days, maybe never, or maybe all the time. But whoever you are, if you are reading this far, I just want to thank you for taking the time for being here. I welcome your thoughts and feedback on my first ever blog post and would love that you connect with me by leaving me a comment below, emailing me or checking out my instagram.

Until next time...

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