How to outsource your wardrobe!

How to outsource your wardrobe!

My obsession with dress hire.

I remember the first time I hired an outfit was for my sister in law’s wedding on the Sunshine Coast back in 2016.  At this time, I just had a baby and was in the particularly ‘frumpy’ feeling stage of motherhood when your body is shrinking back to it’s normal size after holding a bowling ball inside for nine months, your boobs are squirting out milk everywhere, and you are up on average of five times a night feeding a baby so you’ve got those lovely, complimentary bags under your eyes (if only they were Chanel).   For the wedding I hired a beautiful blue Camilla kaftan with some glamorous embellishments, slipped on some tan heels and instantly I felt human again.  It was in this moment that I fell in love with outfit hire and I have been obsessed with it ever since.   I have hired hundreds of outfits from various places online so here I share some of my favourite places to hire from.


I just love the  girls at Runway Closet which is conveniently located in my town so I can try on all my hires before purchasing (which I can't do anywhere else).   Runway Closet  have an extensive range of  summery staples that complement that coastal lifestyle.  Think Camilla playsuits, Bec and Bridge party dresses and Thurley essentials for the races.   Although a local company, Runway Closet ship nation wide and are emerging as the next 'go to' destination for dress hire for all occasions across the country.   Runway Closet is also a platform in which you can rent out your very  OWN designer clothes that may be collecting dust in your wardrobe. Why not share the love and make a little cash while doing so. That's what I call sustainable fashion!    


The Only Dress Hire has my favourite collection of clothes to hire from and is my go to place for daytime outfits or my look for a night out with the girls.  Based in Sydney and posting Australia wide, this company have the most stylish picks from all your favourite Australian Fashion labels.  To hire a dress you must email them with your enquiry before booking.  Although this hire process is not as easy as some of the other places that I use and have better booking systems, it is honestly worth the trouble because of their fabulous clothing selection! Not so good for last minute dress hires as all the good dresses are always booked, but very good rental prices for the quality of garment.  I use these guys all the time!  You can also shop their insta which is great!


Hands down, Glam corner is top of dress hire game in my eyes for their professionalism, extensive range and friendly and responsive customer service.   With outfits for day time events, the races, cocktail,  formal, black tie and gala events, plus all the accessories you could ever dream of,  Glam corner really has it all with thousands of dresses in several different categories, you will be sure to find something you would love to wear, every single time.  Glam corner has my favourite  selections for evening, formal and black tie wear and is always the first place I look for these type of events. I even hired my bridesmaids outfits from here when we got married earlier this year.   Having so many options makes Glam corner a great company to use when you need that last minute outfit as you will always find something.  What I love most about Glam corner is the $15 back up dress option for those who are unsure of size or fit.  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.  And if you don't end up wearing the back up dress they will refund it.  Their customer service team will also always go above and beyond to accommodate any requests with your order for example, if you decide to change your dress or size.  Oh and did I mention, they always send complimentary lifestyle vouchers with your order from hair styling, to beauty products to food delivery services, you'll never know what they will surprise you with!  Glam corner is definitely a 11/10.


I recently discovered this Sydney based dress hire company and  love what I have seen so far.  With a focus on the more elegant and formal outfits one may need,  Dressed for a Night has an extensive and show-stopping range of evening wear that I have not seen for hire at any other company.   A must visit for those looking for outfits for their next gala or black time event!

My dress hire tips!

  • Online dress hire is great for people who have a good knowledge of their body shape and what types of clothing and cuts suit them. I would not recommend online dress hire to someone who is always asking their best friend for fashion advice! You really need to know what is going to look good on you, and think beyond on what the model looks like, but how the outfit will fit on you (e.g. boobs and butt etc). Stick to the styles you know and love, or you may be disappointed when outfit arrives and it's nothing like you envisioned.

  • Always check measurements and refer to the size guide for each garment.

  • Always check the company's hire process, read all the FAQS, and make sure you know what will happen if the hire is damaged or late in return.

  • Do check the dress hire return date and honour it, on time, every time. Not only could you cop a solid late fee, but you might make the next person miss out on their outfit, which has happened to me (on the receiving end) numerous times.

  • Don't overthink it, just give it a try and have fun with it.

So there you have it, if you are like me, one of those  people who can only be seen wearing an outfit once (especially in photos), then outfit hiring might be the best thing that has ever happened to you.  Since I started outsourcing my wardrobe I have stopped spending hundreds on dresses I only wear once that just sit there catching dust in my wardrobe!  Instead of wasting my money on an item I would only wear once, I just pay a fraction of the price for a hired outfit.  I also think outfit hire is a great way to honour a beautiful piece of fashion as the love is shared around to all people and it can even inspire you to fall in love with a brand that you have never heard about!  That’s what I love about it.  Most importantly, I much prefer to use what I save with hiring to invest in my favourite wardrobe fetishes such as designer shoes and handbags. 

If you liked this blog post then please share it with your friends or leave me a comment below.  Happy exploring ladies!

With love,


* This post is not sponsored or endorsed in anyway by the brands/companies mentioned throughout this post. For full disclaimer click here.

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