Why you need to book a girls weekend away!

Why you need to book a girls weekend away!

Last weekend one of my besties kidnapped me for three days for a holiday to the lovely islands of Fiji in the South Pacific. Talk about ABSOLUTE BLISS!  In this post I talk about the highlights from our girls weekend away.

Quite simply said, a girls weekend away is so good for the soul!   When was the last time you honoured time for yourself and had a girls weekend away?  I’m not talking about one of those big weekend ordeals that you try to organise with a large group of friends, where it takes months to pick a date due to conflicting schedules, and no one can ever agree on an accommodation location because one friend likes Gucci and the other friend is into backpacking hotels.    I’m talking about embracing a ‘YOLO’ kind of attitude and escaping with a compulsory 'no fuss - just book it and do it' mentality with just ONE or TWO of your nearest and dearest. 

My friend and I both run our businesses with our husbands, sharing the same rollercoaster of life and knew we were well overdue for  a solid weekend away.  For those that know me personally, I will try and get away by myself at least once a year for sanity purposes, but on a good year, this will be a lot more.  

My favourite reasons for escaping on a girls weekend are:

  1. You laugh so hard and often that your abs will be sore, and the laughing is contagious.

  2. You can enjoy uninterrupted tanning time. Actually you can enjoy tanning time, period. I know for a fact back in reality I NEVER have any time to relax in the sun.

  3. You can immerse yourself in the judgement free environment that can only ever really be experienced hanging with your closest friends.

  4. Indulge in endless hours of poolside relaxation

  5. No make up, no worries! You can relish in your fresh, no need to impress, post-facial faces!

  6. You have a license to take naps, all day, everyday...after breakfast naps, after lunch naps, after massage naps, hangover naps, pre-dinner naps and the list goes on.

  7. You get to hang out in a robe as much as humanly possible.

  8. There is so much time for getting ready together! This could almost be the best part of a girls trip. Swap make up, beauty products and outfits! It’s so much fun.

  9. Swap hacks, tips and life advice! When I went away to Fiji my friend and I exchanged so much information! I discovered a new range of Alkalsiing greens that does not taste like sea water puss, and I shared my booty band workout and books on gut health and genetic blueprints. I'm all for shortcuts so I love learning other people's life hacks.

  10. You will recharge and have enough fun which could keep you going for a whole year.

When I got back from our holiday, I felt like a completely new woman.   Yes, I still missed my family and there were even  some points during the holiday that I was even crying while on the phone to them because I missed them so much.   However, I came back a better mother, wife and friend feeling calmer and clearer in my mind, pouncing back into life more productively than I have ever been.  It's like I have my superpowers back and it's a great feeling. 

Why choose Fiji for your next girls trip?

Choosing the lovely island of Fiji for our girls weekend destination was really a no brainer for us. Only a short four hour flight from Australia's east coast, and with so much to offer, Fiji is far enough to feel like you are 'escaping' but close enough that you won’t get any jet lag. For Australians, it really is the perfect destination for a quick escape!   We stayed at the stunning Westin Denarau Island Resort and Spa and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  

The locals in Fiji are also the most beautiful people and the hospitality and service is warm and welcoming no matter where you go.   From the moment you get off the plane, you are greeted with a serenade from the locals making you slip into holiday mode almost instantly!   Whether you want to just sunbake and relax by the pool after a massage or explore the islands, and get active in water sports, Fiji has something to offer everyone.  Might I add the Fijian sunsets are simply magic.  It’s like you are living in a postcard.  Best served with a cocktail.

Until next time,

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