Sydnee Turns Three - A Sugar, Dairy and Gluten Free Peppa Pig Party!

Sydnee Turns Three - A Sugar, Dairy and Gluten Free Peppa Pig Party!

My youngest daughter Sydnee recently turned three! I can't believe have quickly the time has flown since we welcomed her into our life during her birth in the lounge room of our home three years ago. 

As with most kids her age, Sydnee is absolutely OBSESSED with Peppa Pig and she wanted nothing more than Peppa Pig Party for her third birthday!  Not only was this a Peppa Pig themed birthday  but it was also a healthy one as I declared it completed SUGAR free!  To be honest, at the time I had this idea I thought it was great but as her party was leading up I started to highly doubt my ability to pull this 'sugar free' party idea off. Especially as I had attended many of her little friends birthday parties in the lead up which were full of the usual yummy party 'treats' which I could see the children loved! I didn't want to be the 'witch living on the hill' serving only vegetable sticks and dips at a kids party!

By WHY sugar free, you might be asking? The idea behind the sugar free party idea was born because my nine year old daughter is on GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet because she has inattentive ADHD.  This diet means she is sugar free, gluten free, diary free and processed food free (it's basically paleo) which produces the best outcomes for her symptoms which is great. However,  it breaks my heart every time we go to parties and she misses out on all the food and fun that is there so I was determined to make this a party that my eldest would be able to enjoy too!  With the added bonus that it was healthy for everyone.

On a sunny winter afternoon,  with 15 of Sydnee's closest friends and all our adult friends, we set up to give her most memorable birthday yet.

Location: We have a two acre property with a decent sized entertaining area which is fenced off from our dogs and has artificial grass so we decided to have the party at home.  The best part about this is that I got to set most things up the day before with no stress!

Styling, Theming + Decorations:  Anyone who knows me would say that I am the Queen of outsourcing!  I chose the beautiful Brisbane company Enchanted Party Hire to take care of all the styling for me! Kylie who owns the company was absolutely lovely and such a pleasure to deal with. She took the stress out of everything for me and made it all sound too easy, a testimony to the years of her experience in the industry I think!  She sent me a form to fill out with a few simple questions about my ideas and then like magic, she made it all come to life, leaving me the time to do what was most important, and that was to enjoy the party with our beautiful family. 

Kylie supplied all the decorations including:

  • Design, styling and creative direction of the Peppa Pig theme

  • Coordination of birthday backdrop

  • Dessert table set up

  • Cake stands and dessert displays

  • Children's table and seating

  • All decorations including the beautiful balloon arch

  • Personalised party props, treats and goodie bags (supplied empty)

  • Delivery and set up

  • All food supplied by myself

The Invitations: I jumped the gun way before I engaged Enchanted Party Hire (because I was too excited) and organised Sydnee's Party Invitations from GGV Graphic Design on Etsy.  It took me five minutes to choose a digital download invitation.  How good is that?

The Sugar Free Party Food: To meet the dietary requirements of Sydnee's Party I stuck to nothing but fruit and popcorn.  I prepared fruit platters with fruit combinations that would contrast and make the colours pop and look inviting e.g. blueberries with oranges.  Check out the party photos.

We had a beautiful popcorn ferris wheel, a pineapple platter, and two tea stands.  One tea stand was filled with grapes and strawberries and the other with dried apricots and cupcake pans full of fresh berries (with a cheeky marshmellow on top). There was also a fresh bunch of bananas on the table for some colour.

The Sugar Free Party Cake:  It was a bit of a mission finding someone brave enough to make a Peppa Pig cake that would meet our dietary requirements.  I asked so many people and was knocked back by everyone until I spoke to one of the lady's who operates my favourite local organic cafe The Shak Organics.  It was then we discovered the fabulous Cakes by Cara who made us a very stunning Vegan and Paleo Peppa Pig cake!  The icing was made from chickpeas and beetroots and the kids had no idea!  It tasted delicious. 

The Sugar Free Party Bags and Pinata:  Instead of lollies for the party bag  I filled the bags with some mini play dough, peppa pig yoghurt coated sultanas, bubbles and one mini chuppa chup which could be consumed at home.   I filled the Pinata with toys I got from our local cheap shop instead lollies!  

Games and Activities:  Three year olds generally need to be entertained so I hired a jumping castle.  Jumping castles are very cheap to hire these days so it was a no brainer.  I also used Pinterest to get some inspiration for Peppa Pig themed party games.  I created a 'Feed Peppa' Game with a A1 printed picture of Peppa Pig stuck onto a large piece of cardboard with a cut out on the mouth.  The kids then fed Peppa with some ball pit balls I grabbed from Big W for $5.  We also had some 'muddy puddles' to jump into and there was a 'Pin the Crown' on Peppa Game which I sourced through Etsy, and printed at Officeworks. No kids party is ever complete without a bubble machine so I grabbed a cheap one from Kmart.

Sydnee's Outfit: Sydnee wore a gorgeous Tutudress from Tutu De Monde.  It was actually the dress she wore at our wedding!  To make her feel like an absolute princess I bought her the cutest little gold crown from Pretty Petite Co. 

My Outfit: As with everything, I hired a sweet little Bec & Bridge dress from Glamcorner.

Photographer:  My gorgeous and talented friend Samantha Smith from Laine Tribes and And Ever Collective was the photographer for Sydnee's Party.

My biggest tip for party planning?  OUTSOURCE, OUTSOURCE, OUTSOURCE!  Apart from this, have a good think about what your strengths and weaknesses are and utilise your strengths and delegate or outsource the things that you are not so good at. Don't  be afraid to ask or accept help, and most of all enjoy the process along the way!  What's the point in throwing a party if it's super stressful to organise?

As I'm super busy, time is so precious for us, so I  really couldn't put a price on outsourcing.  Instead I focused on the project management and 'bringing it all together' bit, which I love and am good at!  Plus I focused my energy on serving all the healthy and delicious food which is something I am personally very passionate about.

So there you have it, Sydnee's third birthday is done and dusted.  I have re-capped all the suppliers in the list below.

Until next time  x

Claudia (2).png




Party Styling: Kylie from Enchanted Party Hire  I also found some Peppa Pig party faces from Big W (not from Enchanted Party Hire) which I placed on the table. 

Invitations: GGV Graphic Design

Photographer: Samantha Smith from and 

The Cake: Cakes by Cara 

Party Bag Goodies: All from Big W and Peppa Pig Sultanas from Woolworths

Jumping Castle:

Activities and Games: 'Pin the Crown on Peppa' from Awesome Parties on Etsy.  Other supplies were from office works.  Bubble machine from Kmart.

My outfit: Bec and Bridge dress from

Sydnee's Tutu: Tutu De Monde 

Sydnee's Crown: Pretty Petite Co.

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