February Wrap - The last of summer 2019

February Wrap - The last of summer 2019

Happy end of summer and shortest month of the year!

At the beginning of the month I was introduced to Odyssey Lean which is Australia’s latest wellness-based, ready-to-eat delivery service. The service delivers 100% natural, gluten-free, dietician-approved, meals that taste great, straight to your doorstep. I have been doing Odyssey Lean for three weeks now and I am looking and feeling great, and really enjoying the convenience of the meals delivered to my door. You can read more about it here.

Not only have I been keeping it healthy on the inside, but I have been fairly active on the exercise front with the start of the almighty Crossfit Games Open 2019.  The Crossfit Open is the time each year that crossfit ‘athletes’ (which essentially means anyone who does crossfit, like me or you) get to see how they perform compared to other CrossFitters around the world. This international competition is  open to everyone of all fitness levels and ages and comprised of five workouts over five weeks.  Each participant is ranked and the best athletes get to compete at the regionals and crossfit games!  It’s an exciting event to a part of and really brings us together as a community.

I have been doing crossfit for almost five years now at Crossfit Mooloolaba.  With the right coaching and supervision, crossfit really is a great and efficient way to train when you are a results driven, busy woman #youhavethesame24hrsasbeyonce. Every time you walk into the gym it is different and you are constantly testing and pushing your fitness boundaries and because of this you never get bored of your exercise routine.   The strength and fitness I have acquired since doing it is like no other, and I love it and I am honoured to call myself an ambassador for Crossfit Mooloolaba.

On top of Mount Coolum

On top of Mount Coolum

On the days I didn’t make the gym, I enjoyed climbing one the Sunshine Coast’s most popular mountains, Mt Coolum.  Climbing Mt Coolum is my favourite thing to do and once up there I often enjoy a little meditation to take it all in. Instead of Friday night drinks with friends, I always suggest a a climb up Mt Coolum with my girls instead and it’s always a hit.

My husband and I also celebrated our FIRST wedding anniversary this month and our wedding was featured on the Polka Dot Bride which you can check out here!   Did you know we had two weddings? Yep, true story! For our anniversary we celebrated at Il Vento at the newly renovated Wharf Mooloolaba which is proving to be the Sunshine Coast’s latest hotspot after it’s makeover. My date night outfit (featured in the main pic of this post) was a recycled vintage number from the Meraki Thread Co who specialise in unique, one off pieces for your wardrobe.  I got so many compliments wearing the dress and it was an absolute bargain at only $30.

IMG_0085 (1).JPG

We also hit up Sandstone Point Hotel for a good, old Sunday Session with our family and friends.  The Sandstone Point Hotel is set up for the ultimate playground for both adults and kids with plenty to do for everyone from gourmet meals, epic pub roasts and drinks for the adults which scenic views of Bribie Island and to keep the kids entertained, there is a massive playground, a waterpark, ice cream and candy story plus a sporting field.  You can also camp there and it’s easy to spend your whole Sunday (or weekend) there. You can find out more about Sandstone Point Hotel here.

Also this month, you may have seen that I have been doing a major clear out of my wardrobe and house. I stumbled across Josephine Eve Stylist who has this fabulous e-book on ‘How to declutter your wardrobe’ which you can find here.  I have literally stripped back my wardrobe to its bare bones, and have made over $1000 on ebay selling old clothes that do not serve me anymore. This also included sending five full bin bags to charity. This kind of clarity in my wardrobe feels amazing!

I also am in the process of completing Josephine’s ‘How to create your dream wardrobe’ e-course which I will report on next month but I must say I am learning so much about my style and gaining so much clarity on how to shop and what to look for.  I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the shops while also shop impulsively because of the sales or what we see in store. However, I feel this won’t be the case next time I hit the shops because of all the things I have learned from Josephine so far this month!

You might have also seen me taming my mane at my favourite Sunshine Coast hairdressing salon’s Haras and Co. This month I had a full treatment, colour, blow dry and style and I’ll be back in there next week to do the same.  I was sent home with my own custom colour Evo Hair conditioner and Olaplex treatment to do every week in between visits and my hair is looking the best it ever has.


Speaking of hair, this month I also discovered Dubble Trubble Children’s Body Wash and Hair Range by Daniel Galvin Jnr one of the world’s most  sought after colourists for over 20 years- Daniel cuts many of the English Royal Families hair.   Daniel Galvin Junior is passionate about living an organic lifestyle since his late twenties. Since then he has been instrumental in not only the designer hair care market but in change the world of beauty for the better and only used organic ingredients in his hair care and styling products. The girls have been loving the watermelon hair and body wash and coconut detangling spray!  Every $0.10 cents from every Dubble Trubble product sold at Big W Australia will be donated to The Prince’s Trust Australia’, the charity founded by His Royal Highness, The Prince Of Wales.

Other products I am loving this month….


With all the cleaning and clearing I have been doing I have become totally obsessed with Australian Lifestyle Brands and their ‘Jack of All’ cleaning spray which I have been using on basically everything!

I also have been relishing in my inner natural beauty queen and saying no to all sorts of ‘paid’ brand sponsorships and collaborations that do not align with my love for clean and green products that are are non toxic and are actually good for you.  My favourite natural beauty this month have been my Raw Coconut Splash Lip gloss and my Dew Drops by Supple Skin Co.

IMG_8719 (1).JPG
IMG_8718 (1).JPG

For breakfast, Sydnee and I have been enjoying our Morlife green smoothies for breakfast packed full of nutrients and are a great way to start the day. Here’s the recipe..

Mummy and Me Green Smoothie

1 cup milk of choice (I have almond, Sydnee has Zymil)

Half tablespoon Honey

Handful Spinach

1 Teaspoon Morlife Alkalising Greens (Sydnee has the junior version)

Half a banana

Handful berries

I will also add:

1 tbsp Prana On vegan protein powder

1 tsp organic Cacao Powder

3 drops organic mint oil

1 tsp chia seas or flaxseeds

The month ahead.. exciting news!

The Essential Baby and Toddler Show - Brisbane

I am excited to announce that I will be speaking all things fitness after babies at Australia’s favourite parenting event, the Essential Baby and Toddler Show, presented by Wattle Health, next month from Friday 15 March to Sunday 17 March at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

In its eleventh year, the show supports parents, new and expectant mothers with education and free advice to assist with the parenting journey. The show will feature the hottest new products where you can discover and compare baby brands.  To find out more about the show, click here.

Not only this, but our family is taking a much needed holiday and will be heading to Hamilton Island for a week next month! I can’t wait to relax an unwind, our family really needs it.

I’m looking forward to the month ahead and will be in touch soon.

 Until next time,

What's in my suitcase?

What's in my suitcase?

Eat clean, look good and feel great with Odyssey Lean

Eat clean, look good and feel great with Odyssey Lean