Eat clean, look good and feel great with Odyssey Lean

Eat clean, look good and feel great with Odyssey Lean


Healthy, convenient, all natural and preservative free ready-to-eat meals delivered straight to your door.

Odyssey Lean is Australia’s latest wellness-based, ready-to-eat delivery service. The service delivers 100% natural, gluten-free, dietician-approved, meals that taste great, straight to your doorstep. No cooking required!

Why I love Odyssey Lean


My eldest daughter had a few health issues when she was growing up so going organic was a choice I made for the health and wellness of our family almost four year ago.  Being the person I am, the first thing I did when I received my first order from Odyssey Lean was check the ingredients on the back of all my meals and what did I find?  Squeaky clean ingredients! No numbers, preservatives, colours, additives, artificial flavours or weird over processed oils like canola oil or hormone injected meats. There were no nasties what so ever, just 100% natural, wholesome food made from seasonal, locally and thoughtfully sourced produce.

Not only are Odyssey Lean meals squeaky clean they are also low in carbs, calories, fat and sugar but high in protein - the perfect recipe for weight loss! Odyssey Lean meal plans will have you feeling and looking fabulous in no time! And, if you have intolerances or a sensitive gut like me, you will be pleased to know that all meals are gluten and dairy free. Vegetarian options are also available. Have I got you interested yet?


How does it work?  It's as easy as one, two, three...

1)  Hop online,  pick your plan and choose your meals.   You are not locked into any contracts and can pause or opt out of your subscription at any time.  Each week you have the opportunity to choose different meals.

2) Delivery Day.  

On the day, you will receive an SMS reminder that your delivery is on its way.  Your meals will then be delivered straight to your door in an insulated box and you don't even need to be home. How fab is that?

3)  Enjoy your meals!

Your pre-made meals will last up to a week in your fridge.  How is this possible when there are no preservatives? Don't worry, I asked the same question, but the answer is simple.  All meals are packaged using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) which removes the oxygen from the meal. This means bacteria can’t survive and your food stays fresher for longer.  You can also freeze your meals.


The Verdict


There are two things in life that I value.  One of them is eating food without the ‘crap’ served as close to nature as possible.  The second is outsourcing, which creates more time and space in my life to do the things I love and enjoy.

As a health conscious, busy mum and wife, Odyssey Lean is the perfect meal solution. It means less time in my kitchen preparing meals, or even worse, skipping meals when I am super busy, so I can get along with my day. Most importantly, I know I am getting the most out of the food I eat each day with Odyssey Lean, because I know each meal is clean, portion and calorie controlled. This ensures I am adequately fuelling my body, my training and busy lifestyle without the hassle of worrying whether I am going to put on weight, make food sacrifices or not eat well.

Did I mention that the meals are perfectly satisfying and actually taste delicious with fullness of flavour? Not like some of the other ready-to-eat meals I have tried on the market. With so many meals to chose from it’s hard to pick just one favourite dish but I am loving the chicken poke bowls and fiery buddha bowls for lunch, and the heart warming curries and soups for dinner.

Although I was gifted my first box of Odyssey Lean to try, I was under no obligation to write this blog post.  I am simply sharing this service with you because I was so impressed with what I discovered. I have genuinely been looking for a ready-to-eat meal delivery service like this for a long time and I've tried a few of them but never continued because I could taste the difference in the quality of ingredients compared to what I normally eat, until I found Odyssey Lean.

The meals are great for modern household and people who live on the fly and value their health. They are also great if you want to lose weight without sticking to a strict diet that feels limiting and unsatisfying.

I’m pleased to be able to offer 20% off your first order with Odyssey Lean!  Simply visit the Odyssey Lean website and use the code ‘Claudia20’ to claim this offer.

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