What's in my suitcase?

What's in my suitcase?


Our family is off for a short holiday to our favourite place in the world - Hamilton Island - this weekend!  I can’t wait to get back out to see the Great Barrier Reef and go snorkelling with the family. So what’s in my suitcase for this trip? In this post I share my favourite products to stay healthy and feel great while on holidays.

My beauty and travel essentials are:

The Monday Food Co Paleo Mix Gourmet Granola - I am (mostly) paleo and sometimes this is hard to do while on holidays. And I don’t want to be ‘that person’ who is constantly grilling or analysing their food while on holiday so I like to be prepared! This is why I try and bring my own snacks and food from home where I can while travelling. Because I can’t make my own paleo cereal, I choose to start my day with the Paleo Mix Granola from Monday Food Co.

Morlife Alkalising Greens - When on holidays my diet is mostly out of whack so I love starting the day with alkalising greens for a solid hit of vitamins, minerals, greens and vegetables. The rest is history…

Wotnot 30+ Natural Protection Sunscreen - Now don’t get me started on the chemicals that you can find in normal sunscreen but it’s important to do your research before putting anything on your skin. I have always used natural sunscreen and have tried them all often finding them thick and greasy until I found Wotnot 30+ Natural sunscreen. It’s my favourite natural sunscreen product on the market, with no nasties or chemicals, that our whole family loves!

Rational 50+ Beautiful Superfluid - As much as I love to use natural sunscreen on my body sometimes it feels a bit sticky on my face, that’s why I can’t go past the Rational 50+ beautiful superfluid range of products which I put on my face each day as part of my morning holiday beauty routine. Leaving a dewy finish and natural glow, I add a little blush and I’m set for the day.

Eye of Horus Mascara - For chemical free, natural volume lashes to complete any night time look, I can’t go past the range of Eye of Horus Mascaras.

The statement hat- Perfect for any outfit, I will never leave the house without a big, yet fashionable, hat on. The bigger, the more bold, the better!

Denim shorts for days - Seriously, I could live in them and I have a pair for very occasion. My favourite pair for the day are my One Teaspoon Legend High Waist Mom Fit Shorts which are by far the comfiest denim shorts I own which cover me in all the right places when hustling the physical demands of mum life. I also live in my vintage Levi’s. For night time you will catch me wearing my Sass and Bide scene stealer shorts which are currently on sale!

Sea Level Australia Swimwear - I can’t go past the style and cut of my Sea Level Australia swimwear. The perfect compliment to the body shape of the modern woman, not like so many swimwear brands out there which can’t fit your boobs in, the shape of your nipples peep through and the fabric cuts into all the WRONG places!

Cabana Lifestyle Tote - I was introduced to this brand by a friend. It’s the ultimate waterproof beach bag which I can literally can throw our family’s whole life into!

The perfect read - The perfect way to unwind. I always do a huge amazon order before I go away on a trip. On my reading list this trip is ‘Seat of the Soul’ by Gary Zukav and ‘May Cause Miracles’ by my favourite spiritual guru Gabriel Bernstein.

Until next time…

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